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OER Grants at USU

USU Libraries has teamed up with Academic & Instructional Services and colleges on campus to provide grant opportunities to support USU faculty and instructors in adopting, adapting, and creating Open Educational Resources to support their courses. These grants are made to reduce barriers to student success, as well as to encourage faculty and instructors to try new, high-quality, and lower cost ways to deliver learning materials to students through OER. Grants are reviewed according to the following categories.

Adopt an existing textbook, or other educational resource which significantly reduces costs for students. Funded at up to $500.

Adaptation of one or more existing open educational resource, customized to your instructional needs. Examples can include editing existing chapters, creating supplemental sources such as homework assignments, test banks, lecture slides, or lab manuals. Funded at up to $1,000.

Create / author new learning materials that will be liscensed openly. Funded at up to $3,000.

We do not currently have an open call for proposals. If you are interested in pursuing an OER grant option in one of the three categories please reach out to the OER team.

Projects that are in the works or have already received grant funding can be found below - along with links to the OER created, adapted, or adopted as they become available.

2019: In Progress

College of Engineering
Awardee Course Type
Dr. Belize Lane CEE 6400 Creation
Dr. Oenardi Lawanto ENGR 2210 Adaptation
Dr. Nick Roberts MAE 3440 Adaptation
College of Science
Awardee Course Type
Dr. David Brown and Dr. Brent Thomas MATH 1210 Creation
Dr. Benjamin Burger GEO 1360 Creation
Dr. Scott Ensign CHEM 1210/1220 Creation
Dr. Joe Koebbe MATH 4610 Creation
Dr. Jessica Habashi BIOL 2060 Adaptation
Dr. Wayne Hatch BIOL 1010 Adaptation
Dr. Melissa Kofoed and Dr. Shawn Miller CHEM 1010 Adaptation
Pataranut Rujirawat and Dave Bregenzer MATH 1050 Adaptation
Pataranut Rujirawat, Dr. Daniel Coster, Dr. Yan Sun, and Dr. Jurgen Symanzik STAT 2000 Adaptation
Blair Larsen GEO 3100 Adoption
S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources
Awardee Course Type
Dr. Chris Lant ENVS 2340 Creation


College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Awardee Course Type OER
Dr. Nolan Weil IELI 2470/2475 Creation Speaking of Culture
Dr. Susan O. Shapiro and Jessica Mellenthin HIST/CLAS/RELS 3210 Creation Mythology Unbound: An Online Textbook for Classical Mythology
Brian Champagne JCOM 3200 Creation Writing for Electronic Media
Dr. Li Guo CHIN 3540 Adaptation Translating from and into Chinese
Dr. Avery Edenfield ENGL 3400 Adoption Technical Writing
Dr. Gabriele Ciciurkaite SOC 3330 Adoption Individualized Medical Sociology: Placing Sociology in Medical Practice
Dr. Julia Gossard HIST 1110 Adoption Fordham University's Internet Modern Sourcebook
Dr. Stephen Van Geem SOC 2120 Adoption Introduction to Statistics

Past Grants - Impact

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

In 2017, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences partnered with USU Libraries and Academic & Instructional Services to create a grant opportunity for the creation, adaptation, and adoption of OER within the college. Below is a snapshot of the grant's impact.

An infographic detailing the CHaSS grant. 970 students affected, $77,000 saved from a $20,000 grant investment, and 8 faculty involved.


Need help searching for OER? Have suggestions? Contact the OER Support Team!