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OER by the Numbers

OER has made a significant impact at Utah State University. Since 2014, we have been striving to increase the number of open textbooks used on campus and have seen a steady increase in student savings. The infographic below provides both a snapshot of what the OER program has done at Utah State University as well as how textbook prices have outpaced inflation over the past three decades.

This is an infographic. The following text represents the information shown on the graphic.  An honest look at USU textbook costs today  68% avoid buying required textbooks  At Utah State, 75% of students pay for textbooks themselves, 13% pay for textbooks with loans, 85% have delayed purchasing a textbook due to price, 58% say delaying the purchase of a book impacted their grade, and 22% registered for fewer courses due to textbook cost.  Steep Prices Textbook prices increased by 87.5% from 2006-2016, more than three times the rate of inflation in the United States. Textbook prices went up more than college tuition and fees, child care and nursery school costs, housing at school (excluding board), technical and business school tuition and fees, elementary and high school tuition and fees.  OER can save students money Open Educational Resources (OER) are free, online textbooks and course materials.  OER can help students and teachers because 1. They’re available the first day of class 2. They’re accessible from any device 3. Professors can adapt and update them 4. They’re free  Twenty percent of students say they’d use textbook money for healthier food.  What would students buy instead? 20.3% say groceries, 18.4% say rent or housing, 8.2% say paying loans, 16.5% say tuition and fees, 7.1% say living expenses, 9.5% say savings, 5.1% say gasoline, and 15.2% said they would spend the money on “other” things.   OER at Utah State OER have saved USU students over $1,000,000 since 2014 OER by the numbers: 11,133 students impacted by OER, 741 class sections have used free textbooks since 2014, 52 unique courses have used OER at USU.

Infographic created by Derek Peterson.


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