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Student Information

Need to save money on textbooks this semester? Consider taking a course that uses Open Educational Resources! If you would like some quick tips and recommendations for how to access and use OER, check out the OER Student User Quick Guide. For a more in-depth guide to OER, refer to the Student Guide to Open Educational Resources.


OER Adapted Courses

Spring Semester 2017

Course Title Course Prefix and Number OER Instructor
Biology and the Citizen BIOL 1010 Concepts of Biology by OpenStax Burbank, Jennifer
Biology and the Citizen BIOL 1010 Concepts of Biology by OpenStax  Mohammadi, Shabnam
Biology II BIOL 1620 Biology by OpenStax, plus additional resources  Hanifin, Charles
Principles of Genetics BIOL 3060  Essentials of Genetics by Scitable, plus additional resources Etchberger, Lianna
Public Speaking CMST 1020  Communications by Boundless, plus additional resources Canfield, Clair 
Physical Geography GEOG 1000  Open Geography by R. Adam Dastrup and George Ramjoue, plus additional resources Fleck, Michelle
Instructional Graphic Production II ITLS 5240/ ITLS 6240  Beginning Photoshop & Graphic Design by Nathan Smith Smith, Nathan
Integration and Innovation of Technology in Education ITLS 5500  Technology Integration ​& Innovation in Education ​by Nathan Smith Smith, Nathan
Material Science MAE 2160  Chemistry by OpenStax plus additional resources Roberts, Nick
Fundamentals of Marketing Management MGT 3500 Principles of Marketing by Saylor  Allen, Daniel
Medical Nutrition Therapy II NDFS 4560 Eat Right Pro: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, plus additional resources  Charlton, Rebecca
Introductory Astronomy PHYS 1040 Astronomy by OpenStax  Kardelis, David
United States Government and Politics POLS 1100  American Government by OpenStax Wagner, Robert
U.S. Institutions USU 1300  U.S. History by OpenStax Nehls, Kathleen
Strategies for Academic Success USU 1730  College Success by UMN Multiple Professors


Contact Us

 If you have any questions about the information in the student guides,
or if you have any questions regarding OER, please contact a member of the OER Support Team.
We are here to help you!

Erin DavisErin Davis  
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E-Learning Librarian
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Sharon StruveKJ Patterson
OER Research Assistant
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Support OER on Campus

Want to help the OER cause? Students can:
Take a class that uses OER.

Join or form a student body organization to advocate for textbook affordability solutions.

Ask professors if they know about or would be willing to use Open Educational Resources.

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